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My name is Syrus Nash. I am a licenced clinical psychologist and a couple & family therapist. I am based in London (UK). I have worked for more than 15 years with children, adolescents and their parents. I regulary organising training workshops for both parents and professionals all over Europe.

My other passion is 'fusion' cooking which is about blending recipes from different origins. I have been exploring news recipes which,so far, have had much succes with my family. Hopefully, you will enjoy my Middle-Eastern recipes with a twist of French, British, Italian or even Swiss cuisine.

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    How to solve your family problems

    3 years ago

    Everyone has experienced family problems. They are part of the life of a family. Most families are able to solve their problems. But some problems might be more difficult to resolve and need a more thoughtful approach.

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    The Psychology of Star Wars

    3 years ago

    Star Wars on the couch. Applying psychological theory to the Star Wars universe. A Jungian analysis of some of Star Wars main features.

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    Are you a control Freak? Psychology test

    3 years ago

    Are you a control freak? Do you need to control everything in your life or are you totally laid back? Take the control freak psychology quiz to find out.

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    The 5 Best Swiss Cheeses

    3 years ago

    Discover the best Swiss cheeses. Switzerland's cheeses are famous all around the world. It produces a variety of tasteful cheeses that are used in many delicious dishes and recipes.

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    What is family therapy?

    3 years ago

    What is family therapy? Family therapy is a psychotherapy approach that emerged in the 1950s. it is a form of therapy that aims to treat individual problems by including their family or system. There are many family...

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    Do you feel guilty? Take the test

    3 years ago

    Do you feel guilty? Guilt is a human feeling that most of us will experience at some point. But some people experience is more often. Take the test to evaluate your level of quilt. Do you feel guilty psychology quiz.

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    10 Easy Salad Dressings

    3 years ago

    ten easy salad dressing you can try. You will find recipes for the Austrian salad dressing, the french vinaigrette, the balsamic and honey dressing, the sage and fennel dressing, the lemon and honey dressing, ginger and...

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